Panama Intellectual Property Management

In the IP setting, we can meaningfully improve on the status quo, and in so doing, we can help small businesses, large businesses, and those in between. - Tom Perez

CANPAN is your ideal partner for intellectual property management and consultancy in Panama

Your ideas have value. Time to protect them through intelligent action.

Counterfeiting has become a global issue. To protect enterprises’ brand and reputation. There is great value in your intellectual property more than you may think. Developing an Intellectual Property Management allows you to clearly take inventory,  manage and capitalize on the Intellectual Property in your business.

Intellectual Property covers a wide range of areas including Copyright, Patents and Trademarks.

The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce provides expert Intellectual Property consulting to business looking to register their Panama Intellectual Property and also those looking to register Panama Intellectual Property.


  • CANPAN provides valuation of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, plant and seed varieties, and trade dress.
  • R&D direction and strategy analysis
  • Analysis of rivals’ IP portfolios
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis
  • Patent licensing/transfer/patent pool analysis
  • Patent validity analysis
  • Payment of annuity / renewal fees is required to keep granted patents and registered trademarks in force.
  • Global patent and trademark landscape consulting services, referral, and cross-border management and support
  • Intellectual Property (IP) dispute settlement consulting services
  • Customized Intellectual Property (IP) management consulting services


Professional Panama Intellectual Property (IP) Management

The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce is a reliable professional Panama IP management organization that has several experts able to work with you in various sectors to best handle your Panama Intellectual Property consulting needs.

The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce serves members and non-members as well as individuals who need Intellectual Property Management in Panama.. Our expert team can assist your every stage of he way and ensure you get the best IP Management in Panama.

Talk to us today about your interest in securing your Panama Intellectual Management.

CANPAN is your ideal partner for Panama IP management:

    • Experienced consultants
    • Professional IP consultants
    • Simple processes
    • Affordable offers
    • We serve both members and non-members.

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