"Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities." -- Michele Jennae

Let us connect and take a step further. Membership is FREE!

CANPAN is a non-profit organization that supports itself mainly through donations and revenue from affordable services we render to the public. Membership is free and open to all companies with a business in Canada and Panama or an interest in Canada or Panama. All such interested parties may apply for membership irrespective of size or sector. All individuals engaged in legal commercial and professional activities are also welcome as individual members.

By tradition, Honorary Membership is offered to Ambassadors and their deputies from Canada and Panama to benefit members with vital international perspectives and reach..

Be part of the eco-system with an edge

Connect and dialogue with policymakers in Canada and Panama

Access an effective and respected advocate for your views on government policy and policy implementation

Limitless access for you and your business through networking with fellow members
Join Chamber Interest Groups to showcase or expand your knowledge and network and drive thought leadership

Exclusive invitations to member-only events

Build and expand your current business relationships even as you connect with others. Meet and interact with leading industry and government leaders.

Increase exposure of your business by sharing information about you through our various platforms. Gain extra visibility by advertising on these channels. Be promoted across our events and channels when you engage as a speaker. Become one of our partners or sponsors.

Our various events ranging from conferences to expert webinars to cocktail parties, is designed to give members opportunities to interact and exchange ideas, information and resources.

Make the most of reduced rates on our range of business services from accounting to advertising. Benefit from exclusive advantages as part of our Member Privileges Program or share your company’s latest deals as part of these members-only offers.

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