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Panama attracts high levels of foreign direct investment from around the world and has great potential as a foreign direct investment (FDI) magnet and regional hub for a growing number of sectors.

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Central America is a region is fast growing opportunities. Sitting at the top of these opportunities is Panama. It is the fast growing economy in the region and most stable fiscal structure as well as having attractive incentives.

  • Panama is the top Direct Foreign Investment country in Central America. 45% of the total investment in Central America goes to Panama.

  • A competitive territorial tax system that taxes domestic income only, excluding any foreign income.

  • Trade agreements giving access to over 60 countries and 1,3 billion consumers
  • US Dollar is primary currency
  • Structured and stable financial system and low inflation.
  • It is the ‘Hub of the Americas’ with international access via commercial sea ports and air transport around the world
  • Second largest FREE Zone in the world with lots of incentives.
  • Top quality communications infrastructure in the region.


  • We are a reliable information resource on doing business in Panama and cover a wide range of sectors.
  • We help you identify investment opportunities in Panama.
  • We guide you in putting together your business case for entering the Panamanian market
  • We help you find ideal locations and assist you through negotiations
  • We guide you through the needed licensing processes.
  • Our teams can provide  you with vital market intelligence on your specific industry
  • We assist you with relocation and immigration processes


  • We gladly connect you to various agencies and organizations depending on your needs.
  • We link you up with useful contacts in both public and private sectors and government
  • We offer you access to various reliable professional able to provide you trustworthy services relating to your needs.


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The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce is a professional organization that has several experts able to work with you in various sectors to make your dreams of investing in Panama a reality.

The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce serves members and non-members as well as individuals who wish to invest in Panama. Our expert team ca assist your every stage of he way and ensure you get the best service in getting your investment in Panama as a success.

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Panama offers safe and attractive investment opportunities such as:

    • Set up your business in Panama
    • Invest in Panama Bank CDs
    • Invest in Panama Government Bonds
    • Invest in Panama Reforestation Investments
    • Invest in Rental Property Investments
    • Invest in Panama Beach Front properties
    • Invest in Panama Agricultural Land & Farms

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