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Register your business in Panama

Company formation in Panama is a can be a bit tricky if you are not properly informed about the Panamanian company formation laws. It is very important to have your incorporation of a business as a local company or a foreign company is properly done. It will save you from a lot of probable trouble. .

The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce is experienced in getting your business registered in Panama. Let us handle the process on your behalf so you can focus on growing your business.

Panama has established itself as a major financial and economic power in Latin America. With the US dollar as main trading currency, It also has the Panama Balboa which is set to remain equal to the USD. This ensures a protection of value and prevents the risks of fluctuations in currency.
Panama offers businesses a ton of tax benefits through a number of options which can include zero taxation.  Foreign companies in Panama benefit from even more advantages because of a large number of double tax treaties concluded by Panama with numerous countries worldwide. These treaties help  to protect against the double taxation of the foreign-source income.
Investors in Panama will also be impressed by the abundance of an educated and skilled and multilingual workforce. There are many workers from both Panama and other countries.
Business is affordable in Panama.  Aside from cost of labor, the cost of operating a business in Panama is comparatively affordable.
Infrastructure in Panama. From a modern train system, to kilometers of good quality road network, transportation infrastructure in Panama is probably the best in the region. The Tramsamerican Highway and Panama Canal are among the very popular transportation outlets connected to Panama.

How to incorporate a Panama company

Panama has a number of options for registering a Panama company. CANPAN is well informed about the requirements and processes for forming a Panama. Whether you are looking to form a A Panama International Business Company (IBC) or some other type of Panama business, we can walk you through. We prefer to review your needs and intentions and propose to you the best path to meeting your aspirations.
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Types of Panama companies

Entrepreneurs looking in invest in Panama need to decide on type of Panama company they wish to incorporate in Panama. Choosing a wrong type of business might need to having to redo the whole process.
 Panama Sole Proprietorship – when you form a Panama sole proprietor business, it is owned and operated by an individual. This is usually not advisable since the business owner is responsible for any debts and court decisions against the company.
Iindividual Limited Proprietorship (also referred to as Empressa Individual de Responsibilidad Limitada) is unique form of Panama business formation where the entrepreneur  has all the liability limited by the assets invested in the business.
General Partnerships in Panama – Panama allows two or more entrepreneurs to form a Panama. Partners invest equally and share profits equally as well. The partners are responsible for any debts together.
Limited Partnership in Panama (also referred as Sociedad de Responsibilidad Limitada) is formed by at least two members and maximum of twenty. It is regulated by both the Commercial Code and the Law no 24 of 1966.  The annual accounting and financial statements are not mandatory.  The liability of the partners is limited to the amount of unpaid but subscribed capital.
 Civil Partnership in Panama is popular among lawyers, accountants or other professionals who come together.  Partners are responsible personally for debts.
 Panama Corporation (also known as Sociedad Anonima) must be formed by at least two entrepreneurs and must have at least one shareholder. When you incorporate a Panama corporation, all its debts are not the responsibility of the investors.  Many  entrepreneurs choose Panama Corporation format for Panama Offshore Company Panama formation.
Panama Limited Liability Company (LLC) i requires a minimum of two shareholders, a registered agent and at least one shareholder. A Panama Limited Liability Company (also called Panama LLC) can be formed as a local Panama company of a Panama Foreign company..