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"Invest for the long haul. Don't get too greedy and don't get too scared." -Shelby M.C. Davis

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Let CANPAN help you develop strategy, find partners and help you succeed!

Located in Central America is a nation of Panama. Known by many because of its popular Panama Canal, the country is one of the thriving Central American nations and it has friendly policies for investment.. Do you want to sell your products or services to Panama? Are you looking for Panamanian buyers? Do you want to find out more about the Panamanian market? Maybe you already have a strategy for how you want to gain a foothold in the American market, but you still need a second opinion? Our experts on exporting to Panama are willing and ready to assist you achieve your dreams.

There may be a range of barriers for companies looking to export to Panama. These are sometimes related to language but also processes. Such issues can be daunting for several businesses. There are many questions to be answered. Even though your product is doing well in your home country, it may do better in Panama or may not quite fit the market. There are issues to do with finding the right local buyer for your services or products. The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce provides you a safe access to the market in Panama because we vet the local buyers to ensure you are dealing with legitimate businesses and guide you through the whole process. We are also protecting the interests of the buyers because we vet all potential exporters. We are committed to ensuring your entry into the vibrant Panamanian market is rewarding.

  • Gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP): US$100.2 billion (2017)
  • GDP per capita at PPP: US$24,400 (2017)
  • Population: 4.1 million (2017)
  • International merchandise exports and imports: 51.3% of GDP at official exchange rates (2017)
  • Canada’s 92nd largest merchandise trade partner (2017)
  • Ease of Doing Business ranking: 79th among 190 countries (2017)
  • World Competitiveness ranking: 50th among 137 countries (2017)

Do you have a service or product you wish to sell to Panama? Talk to us today and let us work with you to improve the volume of trade between our two countries.

Export to Canada with CANPAN

Who we work

We have dedicated experts ready to guide you to achieve your dream of exporting to Canada. If you are already exporting but want to expand, you can also talk to us.

Your journey to the Panamanian Market starts with a filling out a simple questionnaire we send to you after you contact us. One we receive the answers to the questionnaire from you, we assign you to either an expert or  a team of experts (depending on the nature of your business needs). The team will arrange an initial consultation with you to clarify any aspects of the questionnaire that needs to be made clearer.

Once we have been able to assess your needs fully, we shall let you know of any charges and let you know what is needed soon and what can be paid later. Once all things are clear and agreed, we then move on to sign an agreement with your company for the commencement of the export consult service.  We remain at your service throughout the process and are committed to helping you succeed.

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