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The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce provides expert resources to facilitate exports and imports between Canada and Panama.

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The Canada - Panama Chamber of Commerce (CANPAN) is a reliable resource of practical information that supports the exportation and importation of goods and services between Canada and Panama. our partner search services. We maintain a rich database of companies looking to partner businesses in Canada and also those looking to do businesses in Panama.

According to Global Affairs Canada, a bilateral free trade agreement between Canada and Panama has been in force since 2013.Two-way trade between Canada and Panama in 2020 was valued at $144.3 million. Canadian goods exported to Panama in 2020 were valued at nearly $129 million and included aircraft, machinery, pharmaceutical products and agricultural food products. Imports from Panama in 2020 were valued at $15.35 million and were mainly made up of metals, manufacturing equipment and agricultural food products. The stock of Canadian investment in Panama stood at C$3.4 billion in 2020. There is no available record of Panamanian investments in Canada.

Are you in Canada and wish to export to Panama? Are you in Panama and want to export to Canada? Our Chamber is able to assist in many ways. We can help you research the market, help you with Certificates of Origin and more. Think of us as your partner in moving goods and services between Canada and Panama and let us discuss your needs today.

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