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The Canada-Panama Chamber of Commerce, together with stakeholders, strengthens and maintains trade relations between Canada and Panama. We also work together in strengthening relations in the fields of education, culture, trade and politics. We are a proud network of network of companies, institutions and individuals and is a platform for communication with the public sector.

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The Government of Canada is open to business with every country in the world. Our Chamber is a safe forum for frank dialogue on matters of interest in Canadian-Panamanian relations, as well as transferring knowledge, policies and currents in matters concerning trade between Panama and Canada.


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We are committed to ensuring and strengthening ties with those who do business with Canada, have interest in doing so or just want to be informed. There is a whole lot we can do together. Our aim is to strengthen and maintain trade relations for mutual good, as well as to strengthen relations in the fields of education, culture and politics. Companies, individuals and institutions, large or small, can become members.

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